About Us-

Wicked Wrench Co. is owned and operated by sisters; Naomi & Jaime Hjelm. 

We have been in the taxi and private TRANSPORTATION car business our entire lives and have decided to also help people get their cars fixed at a fair price. 


over the years, many of our friends (mostly female) have come to us for a second OPINION with their AUTOMOTIVE repairs. we find it truly amazing what some shops quote people to get their cars fixed, and not in a good way.

our decision to open our vehicle repair shop to the general public is to offer a lower than normal labor rate with fast efficient service.  We also want women to feel comfortable getting their cars fixed.

  • Jaime started building transmissions on our taxis when she was 17 years old, back in 1995. She has run the fleet repair shop from 2007 to current day, and worked on many of the vehicles herself.

  • Naomi has always been on the "it technical" part of the business along with all the paperwork. she brings the technology to the businesses and cuts the paychecks.

Together we make a great team in order to give our customers the best experience. 

Interviewed on windy city live abc 7 on 11/30/2018

Interviewed on windy city live abc 7 on 11/30/2018

Our family welcomes you to our repair facility.  

Oh yeah, one last thing....we are not quitting the taxi business! ;)


Sisters Fulfill Dad's Dying Wish with Wicked Wrench, a South Elgin Auto Repair Shop

Sisters Naomi & Jaime Hjelm

Sisters Naomi & Jaime Hjelm